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About the companyhistoryNidija izstādē „Māja. Dzīvoklis 2014”Aicinam pievienoties mūsu komandai

Company's name "Nidija" is not an accidental choice. In 1992 company founder, Igor Shalin visited a friend who lived in a small village near Rome. At Roman times a priestess of goddess Vesta (protector of the home) lived in this village. According to local legend, one day, on a way to a dangerous military expedition to Gallia, Guy Julius Caesar came to village, back then he was not yet thinking about the title of the Emperor. Warlord came to the house of the Priestess and to ask to fill the flask with water from her well.

The new Priestess named Nidija, gave Caesar a drink and provided with the prophecy – that there will be a victory over the Germans who invaded Gallia. However, she said that soon after the victory he must watch out a traitor among his former members. After a few months, Caesar returned with victory, nevertheless peace in Gallia was not obtained. Great Gallic rebellion was led by chief Vercingetoriks, who had served in the Roman army and was once a friend of Caesar.

Caesar went back to Gallia and again his way led pass the house of Nidija. Remembering the first meeting, a prophecy that turned out to be true, warlord went into the Priestess house and asked her what awaits him - victory or defeat. To which Nidija replied: "You will return with triumph, but do not expect a quick victory. Returning to your home, you will see it shattered. To bring peace, you will have to go to war. But do not fear, the gods will strengthen your hands. "And the prophecy was true - the Galls were vanquished and the all rising popularity of Caesar frightened his old friends Consul Pompey. Civil war started of which Julius Caesar came out as the winner. So he became the first Roman emperor, and in honor of Nidija's intrinsic prophecies, he built a sanctuary for Goddess Vesta in the same village. "Your name has brought me victory, prosperity," said Caesar to the Priestess, "let it continue to bring people good luck."

After almost two thousand years, we have built a business giving it a name of the priestess, which heralded the mighty man the mighty victories. Today, the company Nidija does everything to bring our customers and partners success. During almost 20 years the people with whom we work can assure you that Caesar's words still sound loud through the ages.

Good luck and prosperity
Nidija Ltd. Member of the Board

Igor Shalin